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BHT Welcomes Kiersten Medina-Raigosa

Kiersten Medina-Raigosa Joins The Bree Hughes Team

Hailing from the golden state itself, Kiersten Medina-Raigosa is a true native of California, having been born and raised amid the diverse and vibrant landscapes of Los Angeles. Armed with a BA in Sociology from Mount St. Mary’s College, Kiersten’s educational background has contributed to her deep understanding and admiration for the intricate blend of neighborhoods and cultures that define this sprawling metropolis. As the years unfolded, her innate curiosity and fervor for exploration led her to venture south, where she now proudly resides in the vibrant community of Orange County, alongside her husband and senior dog.

The world of real estate is not just a profession but a heartfelt pursuit for Kiersten. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families find their dream homes transforming their real estate aspirations into reality. This natural alignment of purpose is what seamlessly brought her to work with Bree Hughes. The Bree Hughes Team extends beyond transactions and is dedicated to fostering lifelong relations and support. 

When Kiersten is not immersed in the dynamic world of real estate, you’ll often find her soaking up the California sun or chasing after her dog. These moments of leisure serve as a reminder of the importance of balance in life, and she carries this philosophy into her professional endeavors, ensuring that every client’s journey is both successful and enjoyable.

Kiersten joins our team as a Licensed Administrative Assistant, and we are so excited to have her onboard.

Fast Four with Kiersten | Your Quick Guide

Warm Welcome: What’s one thing about Orange County that instantly made you feel at home?

“I relocated to Orange County with my husband to try something new. We thought the neighborhoods were beautiful and since he was working in OC we thought it was time to make a move. It has a peaceful feel to it and we instantly felt at home.”

Balancing Act: How do your passions outside of work influence your approach to keeping our real estate team on track?

“My passions outside of work have instilled qualities like dedication, time management, organization, and strong interpersonal skills in me, all of which I leverage to keep our team on track to achieve our goals.”

Behind the Scenes and Beyond: Could you tell us about a hobby or interest that might surprise your colleagues on the team?

“One thing that might surprise people about me is my deep passion for Formula 1. I’ve been a dedicated follower of this sport for numerous years. With races happening nearly every weekend, you’ll rarely find me sleeping in because I’m committed to watching the races live.”

Navigating Growth: What’s a valuable lesson from your personal experiences that you’re excited to apply to your role as our administrative assistant?

“A valuable lesson from my personal experiences that I’m excited to apply to my role is the importance of adaptability. In my personal life, I’ve encountered various situations that required me to be flexible, open to change, and quick to adjust my approach to achieve desired outcomes. This adaptability taught me that being able to pivot and embrace new challenges is essential in a dynamic work environment. My experiences have taught me how to stay calm under pressure, think on my feet, and efficiently handle changes while maintaining a high level of productivity and quality in my work.”

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